Outdoor exhibition in Nyköping

The outdoor exhibition "The Baltic Sea - from freshwater to saltwater" is on display in Nyköping, at Sörmlands museum. The exhibition is collaboration between The county administrative board in Södermanland, Sörmlands museum and Nynäs castle. 

The outdoor exhibition will be on display Aug 10 - Sept 15. 



Filming threatened species in northern Sweden

Johan have been assigned to film and document threatened species and the work saving them in northern Sweden.


The work will result in short films highlighting the fantastic biodiversity in freshwater, the Baltic Sea, forests and mountain lakes. 



Outdoor exhibition about the Baltic Sea

The outdoor exhibition "The Baltic Sea - from freshwater to saltwater" is on display at Nynäs castle.The exhibition is collaboration between The county administrative board in Södermanland, Sörmlands museum and Nynäs castle. 

The outdoor exhibition will be on display July 13 - Aug 8.



Filming restoration of wetlands

Johan have been assigned to film the restoration of freshwater habitats in the agricultural landscape in southern Sweden. 

Already 30 years ago the restoration of freshwater habitats and wetlands started in Höjeå and the film is going to celebrate and highlight this success story. 



Indoor multimedia exhibition 

Johan has produced a large interactive multimedia exhibition about Åsnens nationalpark in collaboration with Huseby bruk. 

The exhibition is a combination of video projections, sound and photos that you interact with. The exhibition is on display until september. 


You can read more about the exhibition here. 



Large indoor exhibition in Gothenburg

The museum Maritiman in central Gothenburg is displaying Johans exhibition Freshwater - a world of life, May 8th - November.

You can read more about the project here



New film project

World Wildlife Fund, WWF, has assigned Johan to document their work restoring different environments and habitats along the coast of the Baltic Sea. 

You can read more about the project here

Sveriges riksdag.jpg


New outdoor exhibition celebrating democracy

One hundred years ago, the Swedish Parliament decided to introduce universal and equal suffrage. On behalf of the Swedish parliament Johan is touring an outdoor exhibition commemorating the democracy in Sweden.


Read more about the celebration here

Sötvatten, Johan Hammar


Large indoor exhibition in Gävle

The regional museum in Gävle will display Johan's exhibition about freshwater 19 Sept - 22 Nov.

The exhibition contains large format prints, video projections, sound installation and you can even try to be a nature photographer sitting in a hide or watch a behind the scenes movie.

You can read more about the exhibition here.


Johan Hammar and CEO of Vakin, Tomas Blomqvist at the inaguration of the outdoor exhibition Our Baltic.


New outdoor exhibition about the Baltic Sea

With Vakin, Vatten och avfallskompetens i Norr, Johan produced a new outdoor exhibition about the Baltic Sea. The exhibition connects with Johan's earlier work on freshwater and highlights the importance of a wise governance of water on land to protect the ocean. 

The exhibition contains of 15 large prints (2,5 x 2 meters).

You can read more about the exhibition here.


Aerial of Pajelanta Nationalpark. Photo by Johan Hammar


Fieldwork in the Swedish mountains

Johan continue his work documenting some of the most threatened species in Sweden and has this summer spent a couple of weeks documenting Arctic fox and Lesser White-fronted goose in the Swedish mountains. 


Watch Johan Hammars exhibition about freshwater on Google Street View.


Exhibition in Google Street View

You can now visit Johan's exhibition about freshwater in Google Street View while the exhibition is on display in Ystad. 


Watch the exhibition on Google Street View here.




Interactive exhibition about Åsnen nationalpark

Johan has a a new interactive exhibition about Åsnens nationalpark at Huseby bruk. The exhibition consist of videos, photos and sound. You can travel to different places in the nationalpark and discover some of the species living there and hear a short story about them.

You can read more about the exhibition here.


Interaktiv utställning om sötvatten med foto, film, ljud och fysisk interaktivitet. Perfekt att besöka med barn.


New indoor exhibition in Ystad

A new large indoor exhibition is on display at Klostret in Ystad. The exhibition highlight our freshwaters and the need for clean waters. The exhibition is on display until August 31. 

You can read more about the exhibition here.


Invigning Kalmar.jpg


Outdoor exhibition in Kalmar

In cooperation with Kalmar Vatten, the outdoor exhibition Värdefulla Vatten is on display in central Kalmar April 7 th - May 13 th. Johan inaugurated the exhibition together with the CEO for Kalmar Vatten, Thomas Bergfeldt.

You can read more about the exhibition here and see a short film from the inauguration here




One of the rarest birds in Europe

Johan just returned from Germany and Netherlands making a film about the Lesser-white fronted goose (Anser erythropus) and their wintering grounds.




Workshop with Zoom Photo Tours

Together with Zoom Photo Tours Johan is arranging a photo workshop June 5-7 with focus on water. The workshop will be held i Skåne, in southern Sweden.

You can read more here




Photo festival in Arvika

Johan will attend and hold a lecture at Arvika Photo Festival February 1. 

You can read more here




New exhibition: Freshwater - a world of life

In association with Regionmuseet Kristianstad, Johan has produced a new traveling exhibition about freshwater. Freshwater - a world of life (Sötvatten - en värld av liv) is a combination of photo, film, sound and interactivity. Johan's works as a nature photographer is also highlighted and you can try sitting in a hide, trying to lift a camerabag and more. The exhibition will be on display until April 13th. 

Read more about the exhibition here.




Lecture at Sweden Water Research

At a large conference about drinking and waste water, Johan held an inspirational talk about the importance of wetlands, rivers and lakes - not only for the organisms living there - but for us. 




Swedish National Radio

Swedish National Radio, P4 Kristianstad, made an interview about Johan's work and the new exhibition about Freshwater - a world of life, Sötvatten - en värld av liv, that is going to open at Regionmuseet Kristianstad. 

You can hear the interview here.




Conference about Heritage interpretation

Johan held an inspirational talk at a conference about learing in nature with freshwater as a tool. 


You can read more about the conference here (in Swedish).


Sveriges fotodagar.png


Sveriges Fotodagar

Johan was speaking at the event Sweden Photodays in Malmö (7 September), Göteborg (12 October) and Stockholm (16 November). 

The event was organised by Kamera&Bild and Zoom Phototours.

You can read more about the event here.




Water Week in Södermanland

Regional Governor, Liselott Hagberg, opened the outdoor exhibition Värdefulla Vatten in Nyköping. The exhibition is one of the activities during the Water Week in Södermanland, a week full of activities aiming to raise awareness about our freshwaters. The outdoor exhibition will be on display at Stora Torget until September 24th. 

You can read more here.




Reportage in SVT

SVT Nyheter ( Swedish public service television) made a short reportage about Johan and his work about freshwaters. 

You can see the reportage here.





Outdoor exhibition in Lidköping

In cooperation with Vänermuseet the exhibition Värdefulla Vatten will be on display 13 July - 7 August at Torgbron in central town of Lidköping. 

Read more about the event here.





Nature Photographer of the Year

With the following motivation Johan was awarded Nature Photographer of the Year: "Johan Hammar receives the award for his stylish and multimedia exploration of our freshwaters exciting world of life. As well as above the surface, Johan is able to show the way through photography, film, knowledge and new technology, says Björn Risinger, Director General at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Read the press release here


bok och hav.jpg


Bok & hav

Johan will attend at the international literary meeting place Book & Sea speaking about his book and project about freshwaters in Sweden.

Read more here




Multimediashow at Huseby

A multimedia exhibition will be on display at Huseby Bruk 11 May - 31 October 2019. Videoprojections, slideshows, large format prints and sound from freshwaters around Sweden.  - My goal is to make people aware about all these fascinating animals living in our lakes, rivers and wetlands. And how all life on land depends on these ecosystems, including us, says Johan.


Read more at Huseby Bruk 



Outdoor exhibition in Malmö

In cooperation with VA SYD, (supplier of drinking water and purifier of waste water) and Malmö Stad this outdoor exhibition will be on display 2 May - 9 June at Vattenparken, close to Hyllie Vattentorn. 





Featured in Magasinet Skåne

Johan was featured in the magazine Magasinet Skåne, where he also shared some of his favorite water-related places in Skåne. 



Lecture at international conference

At an international conference about forestry and water, Johan gave an inspirational talk about life in water and why it is so important to protect and restore freshwater habitats.  



NEW BOOK: 50 sätt att upptäcka naturen med barn.

This new book is a celebration to the nature at our doorsteps. It´s not necessary to travel to far flung places to have great adventures in nature. The nature is just outside and can be a fantastic adventure together with kids. The book 50 ways to discover nature with kids is an inspirational book to these adventures. 


Read more about the project here. (only in swedish)  



Nationellt vattendelegationsmöte

At the national meeting for all five water districts in Sweden, Johan held an inspirational talk about the life under the surface in streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands.  



Outdoor exhibition in Umeå

Premiere of the outdoor exhibition Värdefulla Vatten in Umeå. The exhibition is a collaboration with VAKIN, the provider of drinkingwater i Umeå and Johan. The exhibition will be open 13 September - 3 October.

You can read more about the exhibition here. 



NEW BOOK: Dalby Söderskog 

Dalby Söderskog Nationalpark is the smallest nationalpark in the world. But still this area holds an immense biodiversity. Johan is the main photographer in this new book when the nationalpark is celebrating100 years.





Intervju in podcast

Listen to Johan at Naturfotopodden with Therese Forsberg. Johan is talking about his project on freshwater in Sweden. Only in Swedish. Listen to the podcast here.



Lecture and exhibition at Swedish Photo Fair

During the Swedish Photo Fair 9-11 mars, Johan will have an exhibition and hold several lectures about his project on freshwater.  



Swedish embassy in Berlin

Johan was at the Swedish embassy in Berlin, holding a inspirational talk about nature in Sweden. The ambassador Per Thöresson got a copy of the new book Sötvatten - en värld av liv. 



Lecture tour in northern Sweden

During 2 weeks Johan will tour northern Sweden to hold inspirational talks about our rivers and streams. This is done in cooperation with County Administrative Board Västerbotten and Norrbotten. 


Photo: Tommy Vennman 



Featured in Kamera&Bild

Kamera&Bild featured Johan and his project about freshwater in Sweden. You can read the article online here 



NEW BOOK: Sötvatten - en värld av liv

During two years Johan have been travelling from northern to southern Sweden to document freshwater and some of the species living there. A unique documentation that combines photo, film, sound and 360 VR. This large format book is the first step highlightning our fantastic freshwaters. 


Order the book at Adlibris och Bokus.   



Unique VR experience

Life under the surface in streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands are hidden worlds for most people. But with VR and 360 filming Johan has made it possible to discover these worlds without getting wet. For the first time you will be able to discover life under the surface in Swedish freshwaters without getting wet.  



Lecture at Vårgårda photofestival

During Vårgårda photofestival Johan was talking about his new project on freshwaters in Sweden.


Photo: Erik Hansson  

UN Biodiver.jpg


UN Biodiversity instagram

During one week Johan will take over, publishing photos from some biodiversity hotspots, on United Nations Convension on Biological Diversity Instagram account @unbiodiversity